Top tips for writing a journal

Top tips for writing a journal

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We’re living in a time that is unmatched to anything anyone has experienced before. There are time capsule posts going around social media about who the PM is, how much the cost of fuel is, and that school is cancelled so that they don’t forget what’s going on. Understandably this is an unsettling time, no one knows what is around the corner. The government is introducing tax breaks and incentives in the hope that the economy doesn’t stall. It’s like nothing anyone has ever seen before, and hopefully never will again.
So, what’s my point I hear you ask… Well, one way to remember all of this is to keep a journal, or a diary. We are living in history in the making; this will be taught in schools in years to come. Your children won’t remember the details, just that they stayed home from school for a bit. For many of you, your grandchildren aren’t born yet, or are very young and definitely won’t remember people fighting over toilet roll (of all things!). This will be your ‘war’ story. No trenches involved, but we have certainly had to baton down the hatches and change the way we live.
In a year’s time, or even six months, all of this will be a memory. (Hopefully) we’ll laugh at the amount of food we bought, and the hand sanitiser we’re still using. Leaving the bad memories behind and holding on to the good ones helps us to deal with unpleasant situations and keep a positive outlook on life. And maybe you want to forget all this madness, but there is also something to be said about reflecting on what was and how far you’ve come. Things may not be as we’d like but it’s always darkest before the dawn, and we will wake up to a new world when this is over. And what better way to reflect than your own personal journal, to look back and remember your meals were homemade, you played games together as a family and went out for daily walks. 
Below are TLC’s top tips for writing a journal:
Don’t feel chained to your journal – if you miss a day it doesn’t matter. Write in the moment and write about what matters to you.
Write about what you’ve done - how you’re feeling (scared, anxious incredulous), what you’re thinking. It will help with perspective.
What’s going on in the world – the water in Venice is running clear and dolphins have returned to Italy’s water ways (take me there!). What a sight to behold. Fuel prices are low and vegetables are expensive; is this something you would remember if you don’t make note?
Or don’t write it at all, draw it. I used to work with a guy who sketched all the notes from our meetings. I couldn’t understand a word of it 😊
Ask yourself questions – be reflective. Where is the first place you’ll go when lockdown is over? What have you noticed about yourself? I’ve come to realise that the things I thought were important aren’t, and that I enjoy being outside more than I ever thought I did.
TLC is open for business has a great selection of journals and diaries, whether you’re after something fun and stylish or something more traditional and contemporary, we’ve got it covered. Come on in and we can help you start your journal journey.
The Wimpy Kid did it, Samuel Pepys and so did Anne Frank. Give it a go, and if you’re open to sharing, post a page onto your local TLC Facebook page.
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